Discover the real flavors of the Venezuelan Cuisine in South Florida

Exquisite surprises bite-to-bite

  Have you tried a crunchy and melty Gouda Cheese Arepa stuffed with a special fat-free grounded beef and a creamy avocado dressing?   What about a full reloaded Caracas' style hamburguer or an extra flavory "Patacón mixto" ?   El Arepazo2's Venezuelan food is an exquisite surprise, bite-to-bite.   Wether it is enjoying a pastry, a snack, a full four course meal or a sweet dessert, you will fall in love with our Venezuelan cuisine.

Everyday homemade meals for a healthy living

  Created upon the combination of a local native kitchen with the exotic european ancestries' flavors, Venezuelan homemade food offers a mixture of  traditional and modern cuisine that is well represented in our menu.   Take the chance to enjoy a real homemade Venezuelan food in any of our locations.   Wether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a midnight flavory after parties meal in our Brickell location,  you will find an exquisite and healthy choice that will fullfil your body, heart and soul.

Upscale flavors and memories

  We specialize in traditional and modern Venezuelan cuisine created from the real recipes, with the best ingredients, and the handmade touch that will make you feel at home.   Even our simplest dishes are backed-up with decades of the cooking experience that has been transferred generation-to-generation within our owners' families.   Our goal is to let you enjoy our flavors, textures and variety of Venezuelan dishes.